Building Equity

Helping You Build Equity Faster

     As a Realtor, I am privileged to help you with one of the most personal and don’t forget largest purchases that most of us will ever make. But it doesn’t have to stop there. I help people take control of their financial future.  My partners have an incredible technology that helps the average person work like a bank. As a result, they can pay off debt faster & build equity at the same time, even in a down or declining market.

   Our company uses an Assistive Financial Technology. It's been helping people for over 16 years. The program itself relaunched in 2019 and was 19 million dollars in the making! It takes the guesswork out of your finances so your money works for you…..mathematically!  Think of it as a Financial GPS! It applies an algorithm utilizing discretionary income in stealth ways to get you out of debt without changing your standard of living.

  I believe everyone should know about this solution that helps them not only gain equity, but also lowers their effective interest rate to less than 2%. That often saves them tens of thousands of dollars in interest in the process!

     Reach out if you’d like to see how this can work for you!