Uncertain Times


     What has this time been like for you.   Ok – Get it all out!  Then step back.  What are you hearing yourself say?  What are you hearing others say?   Are you hearing 2 completely different perspectives during this worldwide change?   The ones stuck  in anger of how the world is shutting down and the financial and mental strain of not working & missing personal visits? There is no denying that both of these among others impacts us all.   But what else have you heard?  Story upon story of the little guys, everyday people like you and me helping out.  Do you feel like you have no choice but to stay in because of the risk for yourself or others?  …… do you want to help but unsure how? Contributing is just as helpful but maybe that isn’t the best choice for you and your family right now either?  So, want CAN you do to help?  Pray.  Are you feeling like that isn’t enough?    Maybe with all if this, we need to step back and take a look at what we are really feeling right now.  Probably more defeated than we are willing to admit. So, what’s next? 

    Turn to His word.  If you feel you need  a specific direction,  make a choice to start somewhere.  How about at  the beginning, Genesis?  Or maybe the beginning of the New Testament …Matthew.

  Or talk to a friend or go online.  There are daily devotions,  Church services of all kinds, online concerts- musicians are stepping up to offer their talents to inspire and reach anyone willing to listen.

     Maybe WE each need to take a moment to ask Him how to lift up others.  You know…….when we do for others, the uplifting we receive in return is unquestionable. 

     The company I just joined right before the pandemic that caused social distancing and closing of seemingly everything, is inspirational in so many ways. It is set up so “ others helping others” is the mantra.   Programs and ideas to help each person grow their business but it’s by no means a spirit of self.  It’s a spirit of working together…….to grow……to give back to the community.   Do For, Not To.  Great slogan…….  but it’s not a slogan.  It’s a way of life.  Take it, live it……Do For.   Oh yea….is the world in lock down?  Strife, pain, worry and fear.  Undeniable but Do For….if only a phone call to check in on a friend or neighbor.  You have no idea what you may have started.  By the simple act of a phone call, you may have given that person a little joy If only for a moment.  Who knows what will come of that?   …..and who will you call next?  

     So even though the “orders” throughout this land are Lock down, stay at home, no contact……open your heart and mind wide.  No one has ordered THEM to close.  Call, read more, write,  make masks, bake for a neighbor, ( mine love that). Run to the grocery store for someone or have theirs delivered with yours.  Or reach out to tell someone how you are feeling.   It will help you feel better, but they will too.   By “just doing” we get so much back.  And more than that, the cycle continues and grows.  Watch and listen to the news.  Can’t believe I am saying that! You are not delusional.  They are reporting stories of people helping people.   Not just large groups that were organized and mobilized but the everyday people…reaching out to help in a simple way.  Drive by visits!!! Who knew how much they could mean? Seeing loved ones or strangers even. People you don’t even know driving by, waving and yelling to lift

your spirits.  Strangers …..yet they are just like you.   But their hearts are not in lockdown.   They are wide open to give what they can, to help whomever they can.

     Let’s remember the lock down, stay at home,  no contact, worldwide fear for what it is……a time of  no boundaries, people creating  endless ways to help others now, and forever.  We are seeing more people online listening to church services, podcasts, and stories but not stories written, stories each one of us is writing and walking……..the world is “doing for, Not to, as Jesus did for us.

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Lin Lockamy